Morim's rocket vault

Morim's rocket vault


My rockets, projects and launches will be on display here. Please feel free to comment the posts, but no spam, please... I'm a member of a rocketry club in sweden called ARK, Ale raketklubb and our field is 40min north of Gothenburg.

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MediaPosted by Morim Sat, March 08, 2008 20:38:34
These are some links to pictures and movies that used to be on my homepage

Cape Hålanda 2007-11-24 (.wmv 3.7M)

DassRakete- The Movie (6 meg .wmv)
Big Daddy, F12-5J(5.4 meg .avi)
Cape Hålanda 2007-06-06 (.wmv 3.8M)

Cape Hålanda 2006-12-17(.jpg)
Slöinge Space Center 2006-09-09 (.jpg, .wmv)

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SSC 2008-03-03

MediaPosted by Morim Sat, March 08, 2008 18:49:32
It was a windy day, about 10-12m/s, but we decided to have a "GO" anyway. I loaded my trustworthy "Dig Daddy" with some Aerotech RMS 24mm F12-5J. The dens black smoke was diluted quickly in the wind, but still a beautiful flight.

Ken1 was able to create a CATO on an Areotech SU F42. The nossle was forced out of the casing which was cracked. All this was done by the ignighter alone, because the grain never ignited.

My scratch built G-Zezz took its first flight on a SU G38-5J. To my delight the flight was almost perfect. Some wethercocking due to the hard wind, otherwise a strait fligth.

The movie is in .wmv format

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