Morim's rocket vault

Morim's rocket vault


My rockets, projects and launches will be on display here. Please feel free to comment the posts, but no spam, please... I'm a member of a rocketry club in sweden called ARK, Ale raketklubb and our field is 40min north of Gothenburg.

G-Zezz into the trees

Mid powerPosted by Morim Sun, March 16, 2008 17:41:16


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Short movie of the flight Aerotech RMS G64-4W

* The rocket was retrived by Balltip today. Many thanks! * MM 080319

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Good service

MiscPosted by Morim Wed, March 12, 2008 19:26:40
To my surprise and delight there was a "bonus" in my package from Rebel Rocketry. A nice rocket magazine called "Launch". haven't read it yet, but it looks nice with articles about High power rocketry and "real" space exploration.
I think It was a smart move from Rebel. A little nice gift that made me happy. Surely I'll return to Rebels Webshop :-)
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Head protection

GadgetsPosted by Morim Wed, March 12, 2008 19:21:20
I don't know how much protection from falling debris you'll get with this head gear, but it looks cool and may scare of some evil spirits :-D

Either I would have to pay 10Euro because the order was below 50Euro or buy this cap for 7.5Euro and not have to pay 10euro... Hmm...
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29mm RMS

Mid powerPosted by Morim Wed, March 12, 2008 19:15:58
Happy happy joy joy!
Today I recieved my 29mm RMS casing and special wrench from Rebel Rocketry.
Soon G-zezz will feel the power of G64 ;-)

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Spooner or later

Low powerPosted by Morim Sun, March 09, 2008 20:45:07
This bird was lost at SSC3:3 after a perfect flight on a C6-5.
It's built out of plastic spoons and knifes.
Picture it 150m up against blue sky without any recovery...
Did I mention it was lost...?
But I think I'll rebuild it, because I like the "retro-futuristic" look. Almost lika spaceship from a -50' science fiction movie :-)
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Stick it up yr...

Low powerPosted by Morim Sun, March 09, 2008 20:38:22
My entry to the build contest where bamboo sticks was to be used. Mainly frigolit cones I found in a hobby shop. The aerodynamics is terrible, but it is fun to see in action. Not a heads up, more like "Duck and cover" *hehe*
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Rocket case

GadgetsPosted by Morim Sun, March 09, 2008 20:34:24
After having to carry around the rockets in a blue IKEA-bag I decided to build a better case. Found an old suitcase we were going to throw away. Ahha! Ripped out the interior and cut some frigolit. Presto! A nice rocket case! :-)
From top:
Big Daddy, (Short)Phyton and G-Zezz (with nose cone to the right)
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Camera bay for G-zezz

Mid powerPosted by Morim Sun, March 09, 2008 20:26:53
For my birthday I got a "Action camera". My intention was of course to adapt it for rocketry. The downside is that its a bit heavy, 200gr. But it is robust, shock and water proof, which is good. You'll never know how your rocket will land.
The mirror is attached with epoxy putty.
One or two minor changes is needed. I'll put a plexi "window" to reduce drag, and the camera bay has to be painted. Probably this configuration will be flown on G64-4W.

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