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My rockets, projects and launches will be on display here. Please feel free to comment the posts, but no spam, please... I'm a member of a rocketry club in sweden called ARK, Ale raketklubb and our field is 40min north of Gothenburg.

the LCD is alive...

ElectronicsPosted by Morim Thu, April 17, 2008 21:58:28
Finaly I got the 8x2 LCD working.
I had some problems first, but I solved it.
The contrast adjustment should be tied to "near ground" 0.3v - 0.0v, or else you wouldn't see anything...

The test loop simply puts an "x" to the display, clears the screen and the write an "x" again. Well, now I know that the LCD is working, and I can start doing some more serious programing. Like puting the barometric preassure in hPa and height above sea level on the screen :-)

That means some sort of clever conversion from 16bit value to a string of characters.

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