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Morim's rocket vault


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Blow by -RMS 29mm

Mid powerPosted by Morim Sun, April 20, 2008 21:34:02
Today was a sad day...
When launching G-Zezz on a G64-W there was something wrong.
After a few meters, the motor started to "chuff" and lost its power. The rocket also lost stability.
You may see (part of)the flight on the movie below. The Rocket reappears in the upper right corner, going towards ground...


First I suspected that the ignigter wasn't mounted correctly. If it's not fully inserted, the reload may start to burn too low, with a "chuffing" as result.

But when I inspected the motorcase, it became clear that this was not the problem.
The casing had suffered from a "Blow by" and part off the casing had melted. I wish I could blame something else, but this was probably caused by me. The forward closure was not tighten enough, which had the effect that the O-ring at the aft was not sealed, and this caused the blow by.

Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageWell, looks like I have to order another RMS casing...

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