Morim's rocket vault

Morim's rocket vault


My rockets, projects and launches will be on display here. Please feel free to comment the posts, but no spam, please... I'm a member of a rocketry club in sweden called ARK, Ale raketklubb and our field is 40min north of Gothenburg.

It's a small step...

SpacebeerPosted by Morim Tue, January 04, 2011 19:06:46
Okey, here we go: 5..4..3..2..1...swooch... 4weeks later ...."pthssss"

That is the general idea.

So, what is spacebeer?
Well, First I have to admit that space is closer than you might expect... about 1000 m above ground. And I will not launch 25 beer bottles, instead I will launch about 30gr Hops and then brew some beer on the Hops =)

It might seem like a simple plan, but there are some big design desicions to be made.

to be contiued....

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